Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dancing with my basic needs in Phnom Penh

The third day I arrived to Phnom Penh I got really really sick. Because I was in the KKEV village I had to wait for one day to come to the capital and see a doctor. I was having 39 degrees temperature, couldn´t walk anymore and had a terrible headache. This lasted for more than a week when they finally dicovered I had salmonela and gave me the correct treatment. Because I couldn´t read or watch TV, I was physically and emotianally exhausted, on my last day in the Guesthouse I grabed a tissue and wrote a spoken word with all the ideas that popped in my head. I thought I should publish it here and rember how ¨ I survided in Cambodia¨ (they actually have T-shirts with this).
so here it goes:
Dancing with my basic needs
So what is more important?
To eat or to have a place to live
To be able to walk
Or to be able to talk
To be able to sleep
Or to be able to think
These question might sound 
But I´ve been dancing with my basic needs
For the last eternity
Also quantified in modern
As ten magic ireversable
And this was by far the most challenging
As you dance it

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  1. Wow, that's quite an unfortunate experience. Glad to read you're better, best of luck with the teaching!