Saturday, September 17, 2011

Exciting news

Things are advancing in our centre! After sending an email solicitating for English books and old computers donnations to the Cambodia Parent network group we received three offers of books donations, an old laptop for parts and an invitation to apply for the Women’s International Group of Cambodia funding program. Florian also send us an OLPC which should arrive in maximum two weeks. 

I also met Emmanuel, French photographer who is giving photography workshops for children and agreed to visit our centre one weekend and David from Wave media who is working also on Radio production and might help us to know more about that. As I would really like to teach the children as much as I can about media literacy I will try to take them through all the medias and train their critical thinking along the way.

Meanhwhile my students are starting to love jazz and had a great laugh seeing for the first time Luis Armstrong first recording of  What a Wonderful world. They also did their first CVs in English and First Power Point presentations. (see Phera's example bellow) 

Yesterday we also visited a Buddhist centre two hours away from Phnom Penh where they were happy to show the monks how good they became in English.

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