Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our first "how to use a computer" workshop

This week we finally got into the computers room. After managing to get three working computers + my laptop and cleaning the room with the children I installed also a projector and we had our first "IT" workshop. There were twelve children attending (boys and girls) all super excited an curious.

First we tried to see what is a computer and why do we need it? After showing them the Eniac emblematique picture and going through the components and the peripherals, we saw the different types of existent computers and applications.

Because the levels were so different and we have so little computers I had to split them in two groups: "Dragon Blue" and "Bora". The two groups will have to create different documents (Word documents, Power point presentations, a blog) and by the end of the workshop we will choose a winning team. It is funny to see how the children got very exited by the competition and their not missing any class now.

It was also very interesting to notice the learning curve during the first week. While some of the boys already knew how to type quite fast and how to use basic programs the girls didn't even know how to use the mouse or to open a folder. After a week of practicing and playing with Typing Master and other typing games I got them to use independently the computers. As for the boys they went crazy with power point and they created some great presentation by learning how to use the program and how express themselves in English at the same time.

Because we don't have internet in the lab I installed locally Wikipedia with Kiwix and I also showed them some Khan academy videos and some BBC documentaries. The result was amazing in terms of Computer and English use improvement. I have to say that I am more than amazed with the progress of  the children after one week and I will do my best to get them some proper computers and a wireless connection by the end of my staying.

Resources:  "What is a computer"- presentation, ITEC 1011, York University.

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